Taipy License fees starting from

Taipy Community


  • Taipy Open-source
  • Unlimited access to Taipy community
  • Support provided through the community of developers and contributors

Taipy Enterprise




  • Full-Featured Taipy
  • License for up to 2 developers with annual user deployment options
  • 24x5 support provided with 2 business hours guaranteed response times
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Advanced tools for enterprise

Experience the difference with Taipy's unique tools, designed to support developers in building projects.

  • Taipy Designer-image.jpg

    Taipy Designer

    Simple drag-n-drop constructor.

    Taipy playground
  • Customer Support-image.jpg

    Customer Support

    Personalized assistance and ticketing system.

  • Authentication-image.jpg


    Applications security with SSO feature.

  • Authorization-image.jpg


    Profile management with ACL-based authorization.

  • Scenario data management-image.jpg

    Scenario data management

    Robust scenario data management.

  • Distributed computing-image.jpg

    Distributed computing

    Optimal performance and scalability.

  • Telemetry-image.jpg


    Valuable insights into application performance.

  • Job Scheduler-image.jpg

    Job Scheduler

    Executes scenarios according to a defined schedule.

Comparison table

  • Features
    • Ease of use
    • Taipy Designer
    • User management
    • Customer Support
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Performance & Scalability
    • Scenario data management
    • Distributed computing
    • Telemetry
    • Job Scheduler
  • Community
    • Community
    • SQLite, filesystem
  • Enterprise
    • dedicated support with SLA
    • MongoDB

Frequently asked questions

  • Pricing is based on users and not features. There are two types of users:

    • Development Users - Creators, builders, developers that are responsible for creating the application.
    • Deployment Users – Business Users, users that are responsible for interacting with the application.
  • No, a special license is not required. You have complete flexibility how you chose to use your licenses.

  • No, we do not charge an extra fee for integration. In-fact we provide examples on how to integrate with disparate data sources and platforms, for example Databricks, Dataiku, Snowflake

  • No, Taipy is cloud agnostic. Taipy applications can be deployed on any cloud platform regardless of where the data resides and how it is consumed.

  • Yes, support is included as part of the license subscription fee. Specialized/custom support is available on request.