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  • Zaccheus Sia
    Zaccheus Sia 

    Application Developer

  • Anmol Baranwal
    Anmol Baranwal 

    Software Developer & Open-Source Advocate

  • Eric Narro
    Eric Narro 

    Data Analyst

  • Grégoire Marabout-Demazure
    Grégoire Marabout-Demazure 

    CTO & Software Engineer

  • Jean-Baptiste Braun
    Jean-Baptiste Braun 

    Lead Data Engineer

  • Nevo David
    Nevo David 

    Full-stack engineer

  • Irv Lustig
    Irv Lustig 

    Certified Analytics Practitione

  • Forcha Pearl
    Forcha Pearl 

    Software Engineer

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