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We provide an open-source data & AI web application builder

Facilitating your application's front-end and back-end development with integrated services.

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Our story

The history of Taipy

  • Founded in2021
  • Microhubs
    Orsay, France
    Singapore, Singapore
    California, USA

Taipy founders, Vincent Gosselin and Albert Antoine, with extensive backgrounds in leading software companies, transitioned from Java to Python a few years ago, driven by Python's increasing prominence in IT. Frustrated with the difficulty of bringing AI algorithms to the end-users, they created Taipy to address this challenge.

Now Taipy offers a solution to multiple challenges, empowering businesses with interactive, collaborative and user-centric AI applications.

  • Collaborative data processing

    It is at the heart of Taipy's approach, involving a diverse team of experts including Data Scientists, Data Engineers, GUI developers, and MLOps specialists. Gartner's research underscores the enduring significance of Python in this realm, revealing that over 85% of Python-based pilot projects retain their pilot status.

  • Python tools for full-stack development

    Taipy provides both frontend and backend components, enabling full-stack development in Python. The frontend allows for easy creation of GUI using Markdown language, while the backend schedules tasks and optimizes performance for efficient full-stack development

  • User-centric approach

    User-centricity guides Taipy's approach, which addresses the dearth of Python tools spanning both front-end and back-end development. Python's rapid learning curve and robust application-building capabilities further accentuate its suitability for this purpose.

Our team

A management team that combines years of industry experience with todays innovative technologies

We are committed to helping organizations gain visibility into their IT infrastructure providing a platform that is flexible and easy to use.

  • Vincent Gosselin
    Vincent Gosselin 

    CEO & Co-founder‍

  • Albert Antoine
    Albert Antoine 

    Director & Co-founder‍

  • Fabien Lelaquais
    Fabien Lelaquais 


  • Jean-Robin Medori
    Jean-Robin Medori 


  • Myriam Delarue
    Myriam Delarue 

    Administration and Finance Manager

  • Desmond Delandro
    Desmond Delandro 

    Senior Advisor to the board

  • Pr. Ngo Bao Chau
    Pr. Ngo Bao Chau 

    Senior Advisor to the board

  • Vinh Nguyen
    Vinh Nguyen 


  • Rym Michaut
    Rym Michaut 

    Global Community Manager

  • Florian Jacta
    Florian Jacta 

    Community Success Engineer

  • Alexandre Sajus
    Alexandre Sajus 

    Customer Success Engineer

  • Truong Giang Do
    Truong Giang Do 

    Python Developer

  • Frédéric Lefévère-Laoide
    Frédéric Lefévère-Laoide 

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Long Nguyen Dinh
    Long Nguyen Dinh 

    Software Engineer

  • Toan Quach
    Toan Quach 

    Backend Engineer

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen 

    Software Engineer

  • Nevo David
    Nevo David 

    Fractional CMO

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Whether standalone or paired, Taipy connects effortlessly with leading data platforms, amplifying your application's potential.


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