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Success Story: How a global fast-food corporation Revolutionized Sales Prediction

One of the leaders in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency and customer service by incorporating Taipy into its core AI and analytics strategy for sales prediction and resource management.

Vincent GosselinVincent Gosselin
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Challenge: Precision Forecasting in Complex Environments

Each outlet is a unique ecosystem with various areas like Front Counters, Burgers, Grill, Drive-in, etc each with different operational dynamics. Predicting sales with precision for the next 2 to 4 weeks, down to 30-minute intervals, was a complex challenge. The predictions needed to feed into critical downstream operations such as manpower planning and scheduling.

Solution: A new AI Application developed with Taipy

Taipy’s platform was a perfect fit. Its ease of use was a boon for the development team, who found the platform easy to learn. The speed of development and testing was remarkable, enabling rapid deployment across various stores.

Taipy offered a range of essential out-of-the-box features, including:

  • Versioning of pipelines and algorithms,
  • A comprehensive registry for all runs,
  • Visual capabilities for tracing data and code from previous executions, and
  • Multi-user profiles for collaborative planning.

Impact: Enhanced Forecasting Across Thousands of Stores

Store managers can now generate over 20 different forecasts weekly for each area of their restaurants. These forecasts are based on specific “drivers” like the number of sold items, transactions, and sales value.

The platform’s interactivity and multi-user capability allow store planners to create various scenarios. This adaptability is crucial for tailoring forecasts to last-minute events, incorporating diverse data sources such as weather, promotions, etc.

Scaling and Integration into Operations

This well-known fast-food franchise operates thousands of stores in multiple countries, and Taipy scaled seamlessly with the vast number of stores and users.‍

“Integrating Taipy into our suite of products for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market has marked a significant step forward. The ease with which our development team was able to pick up Taipy was remarkable. It's not just about the learning curve, it's about the speed at which we were able to develop and deploy the solutions.

Considering our QSR customers, who often operate thousands of stores in each country, scalability is a key concern. Taipy excels in this area, scaling efficiently with the number of stores and users.“

Jesselynn MahQSR Product Owner/Director - Key Customer Account, KnowledgeTouch


The integration of Taipy into the global fast-food giant’s sales forecasting process marks a milestone in the QSR industry. This AI-driven approach has not only improved the accuracy of sales predictions but has also enhanced manpower planning and resource allocation. As a result, the customer can better meet customer demand, optimize operations, and maintain its position as a leader in the fast-food industry.

Vincent GosselinVincent Gosselin
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